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Originated by Miguel Hernando Torres Umba

Written by Daniel Dingsdale

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Miguel Hernando Torres Umba



Director - Alexander Ferris

Writer - Daniel Dingsdale

Design - Andrea Fiquitiva

Lighting Design - Alex Marshall

Sound Design and Composition- Caz Coronel

Video Design - Louise Rhoades-Brown

Animation - Diana Garcia

Set Builder - Luke Harcourt at Tired Industries

Stage Manager - Ruth O'Brien

Production Manager - Sean Ford

Producer - Matthew Schmolle 


World Premiere with Blackboard Theatre at Southwark Playhouse with CASA Festival, Vault Festival, Pleasance Edinburgh, Tobacco Factory Theatres and The Roundhouse.  Currently touring internationally.


Provoked into action by the painful stigma left by the narco history of his country, Colombian artist and Blackboard founder Miguel Hernando Torres Umba, unravels his own and the western world’s responsibility for a trade that kills thousands in his homeland. Bringing together contrasting stories from a range of Colombian voices, Stardust tells the story of the chain of lives and deaths that turns a coca leaf, sacred to indigenous communities in Latin America, into a line of coke on a mirror in the western world.


STARDUST is originated by Miguel, written by Daniel Dingsdale and created in collaboration with artists Diana Garcia, Luke Harcourt, Alex Marshall, Alexander Ferris, Sofi Lee Henson, Angelica Quintero, Andrea Fiquitiva, Caz Coronel and Louise Rhoades-Brown as a vehicle to start an urgent conversation. 

(c) Alex Brenner, no use without credit,
(c) Alex Brenner, no use without credit,
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★★★★ – The Guardian 

"Using a mix of animation, movement and monologue, the storytelling is beyond impressive."

★★★★★  – Broadway Baby

"Stardust is a show of extremes, both deeply emotive and piercingly cynical."


"Theatre can change the world. This is one of those shows." – My Theatre Mates


★★★★★ – Ed Fringe Review

"A remarkable display of theatre that will not fail to entertain you"

★★★★★ - Fringe Guru

"A stunning one-man performance, and a multi-disciplinary hybrid”

★★★★★  – Pocket Size Theatre

"60 minutes of pure exhilaration."

★★★★ – The List

"A tour de force of disciplines"

★★★★★  - Bouquets and Brickbats 

"Sharp enough and affecting enough to change hearts and minds.”


★★★★★ – London Theatre 1 

"Gloriously fascinating”

★★★★★ - The Mumble 


★★★★ - Theatre Weekly

“an utterly eye-opening experience." 

★★★★ – Fringe Review UK

"....this show is so excellent and important "

★★★★ – Voice Magazine

"An incredibly important piece of theatre...executed brilliantly" 

★★★★ - Remotegoat

“Colombia deserves a new story. May be this is the one.”

★★★★ – Everything Theatre

"Crushing and funny."


“Brilliant and beautifully performed” – Total Theatre 



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